at Bethel, Ohio


“Where there is no light, darkness will prevail. Where there is no God, evil will prevail. God doesn’t send us to Hell, we send ourselves there when we no longer love Him. He gives us the choice to follow Him and when we choose not to follow Him the result is not a prison sentence; it is a complete absence of God’s presence. That’s the true Hell. The Lake of Fire is real. It is the burning from the complete removal of God’s presence. His presence is the bonding agent that holds the entire universe together. Without His presence, sin has full reign to ravage and run rampant. Sin has free reign to march wherever it wills to go. You see there is no longer any light to overcome the darkness. Night wins out over the day. Evil wins out over righteousness. God’s light is the candle that turns back the darkness. That glimmer of hope that we see when it seems that there is no other way of escape. Jesus is there for all of us.”

Quote from “Until Death Do You Part: A Story of Faith, Hope and Love” by Jeff and Suzanne Coulter​ –

I think you’ll like this book – “Until Death Do You Part: A Story of Faith, Hope and Love” by Jeff and Suzanne Coulter​​​​​​​​​​​​
I sat back and opened it for a casual read that very quickly became a page turner in filling my spirit with the exhilaration of their reality. Thanks Jeff and Suzanne Coulter​​​​​​​​​​​​ for a great write of two becoming one for an excellent read of Christ in our lives where He needs to be! – David Crosby- Alabama

I was getting Petrafied today and this song really ministered to me. I have to ask, is this your church? I heard an old phrase that resonated in my spirit. “Hot Tub Christian.” Is your church a social club of “us and them?” Are the doors locked from within or without? Needless to say my spirit began to meditate and pray and intercede for this church wherever it may be. Listen to the Lord when He pricks your heart. He uses us as movers and shakers. Our prayers are powerful. Prayer for your church and the church body.

I read a public post regarding watching podcasts instead of going to church. Comments were made condemning going to church due to “judgemental people” and cliques. Christians we don’t just go to church for ourselves. Never forget that. My comment on the post follows…
“We are required to fellowship with each other and lift each other up. Jealousy, envy and bitterness are all tools of the enemy to remove you from the church body and thereby dismantling the church. Use wisdom when watching podcasts or livestreams and remember, "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matt. 18:20. A pastor friend of mine said it best, “ …Become involved in the process of church…” The hand you shake or the smile that you give might just make the difference in someone else’s life.“