The Politics of Dancing: Fooling the Younger Generation to Win an Election

The Politics of Dancing: Fooling the Younger Generation to Win an Election


I want my MTV!

President Clinton first pulled the wool over the eyes of the younger generation during MTV’s heyday of Reality TV. Like a pied piper he blew his saxophone while wearing dark sunglasses and his briefs and was just the bomb!  Now in 2008 along comes Barrack Obama performing the same song and dance but instead of a saxophone he used his gift of public speaking. Like a mesmerizing drum beat he used his MLK-like inspirational speaking to rally millions, especially the gullible youth. Given the low enrollment percentages of the younger generation into Obamacare we can speculate that they have finally wised up and concluded that they “Won’t be fooled again!”

What do you think of us now?

President Clinton stated during the Obama re-election in 2012 to give us (Democrats) 8 years to fix the 8 years of the Bush administration. One question that he won’t be asking is “What do you think of us now?” It has been one dismal failure after another for the Obama administration. His failure has been so bad that Hillary Clinton has all but distanced herself from the President since the Benghazi tragedy to the now infamous Affordable Care Act or Obamacare debacle. Politics isn’t always like playing chess. Much like poker, you have to know “when to hold’em and when to fold‘em.” She exited promptly with good reason too as she was about to be left holding the bag. It’s ironic really given the fact that the Clinton administration is the true author of today’s Healthcare Reform.

Sharing the wealth

One false campaign promise that misled the younger generation was sharing the wealth. Let’s ask Joe the plumber how that piece of the Obama pie tastes about now. Promising to share the wealth is an illusion, especially in a Capitalist society. What pray tell gives the right to the President of the United States to promise that the good fortunes of the rich will be passed on to the poor? It’s unfair and destructive!  A good example of this style of destructive economics can be found in a recent article by CNN Money that France is imposing a 75% millionaire tax on companies that pay out more than one million Euros in salaries.  I can guarantee that there will be a giant sucking sound of big corporations leaving France in the very near future. I’m sure Germany will be happy to have them open up shop within their borders. The same holds true within the United States. As the rich are more heavily taxed the quicker their business will leave the U.S. borders.

Return of the GOP

The GOP will prevail again in 2016 if for no other reason than to prove that its principles are as sound as ever. Thanks to the mess that the Clinton and Obama administrations have created, the GOP can do nothing but succeed. Today’s youth have finally seen the pied pipers’ true colors. The reason that the GOP’s principles work so well is because of the trickledown effect that its policies have on the economy. A welfare state has historically failed and caused increases to the size of government; more handouts and fewer jobs.  As today’s youth are confronted with the Obama administration’s mandates and higher unemployment rates they are finally seeing the light and realizing that, though it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, now it doesn’t feel so good.


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